Child Protection Policy

Purpose of this Child Protection Policy

The purpose of this Child Protection Policy is to safeguard the welfare, and prevent any abuse, of children and young persons who assist the Committee in the organisation and running of the Fringe. A young person is intended to mean someone in the upper age range of the legal definition of a child, that is to say someone aged 16 or 17.

Application of this Policy

This policy applies to the Fringe Committee, all volunteers who help the Fringe Committee and all staff (including permanent, fixed term and short term temporary appointments).


Everyone to whom this policy applies is expected to:

Respect the wishes of a child or young person as one would an adult.

Take all reasonable steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of any child or young person assisting the Fringe Committee.

To remember that children and young persons can regard adults as role models; adults should therefore ensure that their behaviour, language, gestures and the like are appropriate.

Seek to prevent any child or young person, while assisting the Fringe Committee, being put in a situation where there is a significant risk to health and safety.

Take appropriate action if any child or young person, while assisting the Fringe Committee, is subject to physical, emotional or sexual abuse.


Individuals appointed to a staff post which involves regular, substantial or unaccompanied contact with children may be asked to apply to the Disclosure and Barring Service for a Disclosure. The appointment will proceed only if the Disclosure provides no cause for concern as to the appointee being suitable to work with children.


The Fringe Child Protection Officers are Gaye Chorlton and Ian Hamilton. Any allegation of abuse of a child or young person should be reported to the Fringe Child Protection Officers who will keep the report in a secure form. If for any reason that is not possible or practical the matter should be reported to a Trustee of the Fringe or any member of the Fringe Committee who will refer the matter to the Fringe Child Protection Officers.


This policy will be reviewed by the Fringe Committee at least annually before the Festival Fringe.

March 2020