Learn more about the history of our friendly, open access arts festival.

Buxton Festival Fringe began in 1980 to run concurrently with the world-renowned Buxton Festival, with international opera and high profile literary talks at its core. It celebrated its 40th Fringe in 2019. You can hear interviews below with some key members of the Fringe including early chair Barbara Langham, recorded in 2019, Fringe founder, Malcolm Fraser, and first chair, Alan Bailey. Many of these were recorded by High Peak Radio in 2009.

A Fringe40 exhibition at The Green Man Gallery, Buxton in 2019 celebrated 40 years of Fringe. Download this pdf to relive the experience or see our photo gallery.

In 2014, after the death was announced of former chair Peter Low, Underground Venues' Tom Crawshaw paid moving tribute in a blog.

In 2012 then Fringe Chair Stephanie Billen was interviewed for Pure Buxton magazine about the behind-the-scenes work of the Fringe committee throughout the year. With thanks to Pure Buxton, http://www.purebuxton.co.uk.

In 2010, Stephanie and committee member Robbie Carnegie launched the Fringe by singing Surrey with a Fringe on the Top accompanied by John McGrother.

2009 was the 30th year of the Buxton Festival Fringe and entrants were asked: 'What does the Fringe mean to you?'. With thanks to the Buxton Advertiser, which ran these quotes as part of their 2009 Festival and Fringe Supplement.

When the Fringe celebrated its 25th Fringe in 2004, it asked celebrities for their memories of performing in Buxton and received some warm responses.

Check out this proto Fringe website from 1997!

Do let us know if you have memories you would like to contribute to these pages.

Fringe40 Interview

Fringe Chair Keith Savage is interviewed by Marketing Officer Stephanie Billen at the Green Man Gallery, Buxton. Keith reflects on his long involvement with the Fringe and how the event has changed over the years.

Fringe40 Barbara Langham

Barbara Langham, a Fringe chair in the 1980s, talks to Stephanie Billen about the ethos of the Fringe and memories including an impromptu Morris dance by then Speaker of the House Viscount Tonypandy and a fringe of the Fringe in the Crescent. Recorded in 2019.

Sheila Barker

Sheila Barker, the Fringe's first Secretary and a founding member, talks at her home to Fringe marketing officer Stephanie Billen. Hear about the early days of the Fringe including tales of heady nights in which she was kept awake by the roar of lions! Recorded in 2014.

Fringe30 Alan Bailey

Alan Bailey, first chair of the Fringe, was the first of a series of interviews recorded by High Peak Radio in 2009. His interview was broadcast on January 13th.

Fringe30 Peter Low

Next was Peter Low, chair for 15 years. His interview was broadcast on February 9th 2009.

Fringe30 Adrian Tissier

The third broadcast, on March 16th 2009, was with Adrian Tissier, a former press officer for The Fringe who talks about life as a committee member and the Fringe's work with children.

Fringe30 John Wilson

The fourth one broadcast on April 13th 2009 was with John Wilson, former chair of the Fringe and a real live-wire who talks about his memories of being involved behind the scenes.

Fringe30 Stephanie Billen

The fifth broadcast, on May 11th 2009, was with former chair of the Fringe, Stephanie Billen, who explains how she became involved and shares experiences including a particularly wet carnival.

Fringe30 Malcolm Fraser

The final 2009 broadcast, shortly before Fringe30 started, was with Malcolm Fraser, founder of the Buxton Festival as well as the person who dreamt up the Fringe. We are honoured to broadcast his very early memories of the Fringe.