Fringe for Free 2015

We have plenty of free stuff to do at the Fringe, and it's all listed here. Look out too for free child tickets and generous concessionary prices for many shows. Fringe Friends also receive 10% (and sometimes more) off full ticket prices.

Events marked Family Friendly have been suggested by the entrant as generally suitable for family viewing. NB Events in the For Families category tend to be specifically aimed at young people.

Please note that details of performances, including times and dates, may be subject to Late Changes. Numbers in brackets refer to venue numbers (see map)

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Massed Morris credit Bill Rich

BUXTON DAY OF DANCE 2015 - Chapel-en-le-Frith Morris Men Family Friendly
A feast of traditional dancing from around the country. The streets of Buxton will be filled with the music, colour, passion, energy and humour that the Morris brings. Over 150 dancers and musicians from 16 different dancing sides. Hosted by Chapel-en-le-Frith Morris Men in their 40th anniversary year.
Around the Town (47): 18 Jul 10am to 5pm Free Review
Further information:

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 For Families

FLYING THE NEST - HandMade Theatre Family Friendly
Welcome to Hatchling College, an eggciting place to learn all about native birds and how to be a good birder. Sit in a giant nest and get involved in this interactive eggsperience filled with a fantastic mix of music, puppetry, facts and fun.
Pavilion Gardens (33): 18-19 Jul 11am to noon, 3pm to 4pm Free, Ages 4-9 Review

THE MAGICAL STORYTELLING YURT - High Peak Community Arts Family Friendly
Step inside our magical yurt for storytelling and other fun activities for little Festival-goers and their families. Storytellers: Shonaleigh (Saturday) and Creeping Toad (Sunday).
Pavilion Gardens (33): 25-26 Jul 10am to 4pm Free, Ages 2+

A Tiny! Pirate back in Buxton again

TINY! PIRATES AND THEIR FRIENDS - Stone and Water Family Friendly
The Tiny! Pirates are back! Join us and make your own Tiny! pirates, mermaids, monsters and more. Then set off on your own Tiny! quest. Materials provided. Just bring yourself, a grown-up and a sense of adventure!
Pavilion Gardens (33): 12 Jul 10am to noon, 1pm to 3pm Free, Ages 4+ Review

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Aprille and the Shower

AMERICAN BLUEGRASS MUSIC - Aprille and the Shower Family Friendly
The High Peak local bluegrass band; an acoustic five-piece with harmony vocals, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar and double bass. Lively upbeat mixture of instrumentals and vocals in the tradition of the early bluegrass pioneers of the Fifties.
The Railway (35): 11, 15 & 23 Jul noon to 3pm Free Review

DIES NATALIS - Tim Kennedy (tenor) and John Gough (piano)
Tim Kennedy (tenor) and John Gough (piano) return to the Fringe to perform Gerald Finzi's cantata Dies Natalis (Day of Birth), along with other songs and arias. Dies Natalis is a setting of mystical texts by the 17th-century priest and poet Thomas Traherne.
Buxton Methodist Church - Church (06a): 18 Jul 2:30pm to 3:15pm Free
Further information: A retiring collection will be made

Club Acoustic logo

Once again Club Acoustic is proud to present a feast of outstanding local musical talent in a showcase of five acts from the wide and varied range of our regular performers. A great success in 2013 and 2014, even better this year. Free entry, no tickets. Come along!
Old Clubhouse (21): 15 Jul 8pm to 11pm Free Review

MUSIC ON TAP - Tap House - Buxton Brewery
14th: Honeyfeet: folk, blues and jazz. 15th: Skutchmanos: acoustic, instrumental music. 16th: Rach & John: guitar and vocals. 17th: Rodina: contemporary jazz. 21st: Tom Kitching & Gren Bartley: guitar, fiddle and banjo. 22nd: Open Mic Night. 23rd: 12 Strings: acoustic guitar duo. 24th: Emlyn Vaughan & Friends: jazz and country.
The Buxton Tap House (23): 14-17 & 21-24 Jul 9:30pm to 11:30pm Free Review

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 Spoken Word

TheFED Festival of Writing, Syracuse University - London 2014 (credit Tony May)

Calling all writers here is an opportunity, to promote (sell) and celebrate your writing, or just simply listen to others! TheFED - a network of writing and community publishers, will be hosting these free events, giving writers and groups an opportunity to join TheFED. Five-minute performance slots will be allocated.
The Buxton Tap House (23): 15-17 Jul 2:30pm to 5:30pm Free, Possibly strong language and adult themes Review
Further information: 07549 862 495

FRINGE READINGS - Buxton Festival Fringe
A series of informal readings lasting about 30 minutes on whatever subject is chosen by the readers themselves. So who knows what subjects might come up? Take a break, maybe enjoy a coffee in the George Potter Bar at the Old Hall Hotel - just sit back and listen.
Old Hall Hotel (31): 12, 17-18 & 24-25 Jul 2pm to 2:30pm, 3pm to 3:30pm Free

Buxton woods and water inspire poems and stories

Well-wooded words: weaving words through trees, we invite visitors to wonder as they wander, and to touch the emotional heart of summer. Poems and short stories scattered along a trail - you can do the reading yourself! In conjunction with the Grinlow Art Trail.
Grinlow Woods - at Poole's Cavern (94): 18 Jul 10am to 5pm Free Review

NEW THOUGHTS - OLD WAR - Buxton Parish Churches Family Friendly
Poems written and read by Buxton young people, supported by well-known amateur local musicians. (New Writing)
St John's Church (40): 15 Jul 7pm to 9:30pm Free, Themes of conflict and loss, Ages 11+ Review

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 Street Theatre

Prize-winning Float 2014 (credit: Dan Osborne)

BUXTON CARNIVAL FLOAT - Buxton Festival Fringe Family Friendly
Come rain or shine the Buxton Carnival procession will wend its way through the town. See and hear marching bands, dancers and the prize-winning, orange-bedecked Fringe float (courtesy of Lomas Distribution). Spectacular event organised by the Buxton Wells Dressing committee celebrating 175th anniversary of well-dressing in 2015.
Around the Town (47): 11 Jul 2pm to 4pm Free
Further information:

Credit: Kev McDonald

FRINGE AT FIVE - Buxton Festival Fringe Family Friendly
One of the pleasures and successes of Fringe 2014 makes a welcome return. A 30-minute free sample of what is happening in the Fringe courtesy of whichever performers are happy to play for us. Get a coffee or ice cream, relax and enjoy. Check the Fringe Desk for latest news.
Pavilion Gardens - Bandstand (33a): 13-25 Jul 5pm to 5:30pm Free
Further information:

Chapel Morris Men (credit: Donald Judge)

FRINGE SUNDAY - Buxton Festival Fringe Family Friendly
Join some very special Fringe performers in the splendour of Buxton's Pavilion Gardens for an afternoon of free music, magic, dance, comedy, song and drama. Whet your artistic appetite: bring your own picnic, buy an ice cream and take a seat by the Bandstand.
Pavilion Gardens - Bandstand (33a): 12 Jul 2pm to 4:30pm Free
Further information:

THE SHAKESPEARE JUKEBOX - Buxton Drama League Family Friendly
Celebrating a decade on the Opera House forecourt, Buxton's ever-popular Jukebox returns for more impromptu recreations of Shakespeare's work. Give our strolling players a donation (all proceeds to charity) to perform the scene of your choice. You may even get to participate in one of their infamous 'tag' performances!
Buxton Opera House Forecourt (08): 10, 12, 15 & 17-18 Jul 6pm to 7pm, 19 Jul 6:30pm to 7:30pm, 21 & 23-25 Jul 6pm to 7pm Free Review

WHO THE F**K IS PAOLO FERRARI?!? - Egomental Productions
Like a sachet of double dip swizzle stick he will crackle up n' down your throat in a tickly trickly treat of ting a ling a ling... etc. 'Sublimely imaginative'. Arthritis Today. At lunchtime: from the ancient cobbles of Covent Garden Piazza, 21st-century modern jester, Paolo Ferrari, brings his own unique brand of sapiently crafted tosh, to the quaint and verdant streets of Buxton, for a few jolly good days of loud and irreverent street buffoonery. Expect the unexpected. (New Writing)
Town Hall Piazza (28): 20 Jul noon to 1pm . The Cheshire Cheese (93): 20 Jul 8:45pm to 9:45pm . Town Hall Piazza (28): 21 Jul noon to 1pm . The Cheshire Cheese (93): 21 Jul 8:45pm to 9:45pm Free, Adult themes & possible nudity
Further information: Appreciation tips at the end of the show

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Jim MacCool

JIM MACCOOL’S PARLIAMENT OF FOWLS - Performance Poetry Society Family Friendly
A brand-new version of Geoffrey Chaucer's parable dream vision of a woman's right to choose NOT to choose, Jim's rhyme royal brings the poem into the present day whilst preserving its St Valentine's Day charm, with music to suit. Dame Nature holds sway in the inevitable outcome of Springtime's pairing-off.
Buxton Museum and Art Gallery (07): 9 Jul 1pm to 2pm Free, Ages 13+ Review
Further information: 02086 886 951

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 Visual Arts

Credit: Rachel Slaney

2015 ART EXHIBITION - Burbage Art Group Family Friendly
This popular exhibition features everything from watercolours to oils and collage to pastels. Free cakes, refreshments and children's quiz make this a family occasion while the high standard of work from this friendly group, which meets weekly at the Institute, has resulted in regular artist nominations in the Fringe Awards.
Burbage Institute, Nursery Lane, Buxton SK17 6UL (53): 18 Jul 11am to 3pm Free Review
Further information: 01538 266 220

Arto Funduklian was the son of an Armenian émigré and spent his later years in Buxton. In Twenties' Paris he began collecting contemporary artworks, mostly prints by emerging artists like Chagall and Chahine, and continued until his death in 1980. This exhibition shows some of the highlights of the collection.
Buxton Museum and Art Gallery (07): 11 Jul 9:30am to 5pm, 12 Jul 10:30am to 5pm, 14-17 Jul 9:30am to 5:30pm, 18 Jul 9:30am to 5pm, 19 Jul 10:30am to 5pm, 21-24 Jul 9:30am to 5:30pm, 25 Jul 9:30am to 5pm, 26 Jul 10:30am to 5pm Free Review

BUXTON ART TRAIL 2015 - Buxton Art Trail
Bringing a buzz to Buxton! A trail of discovery leading to eye-opening experiences of contemporary and traditional arts and crafts. Works by amateur and professional artists at venues all around the town. See the BAT brochure and map.
Around the Town (47): 24 Jul 2pm to 8pm, 25-26 Jul 11am to 5pm Free Review

'Sheep on Hard Ground' by Anna Thomas, Derbyshire Trophy winner 2014

THE DERBYSHIRE OPEN 2015 - Buxton Museum & Art Gallery Family Friendly
This exhibition is an annual Buxton highlight. Works on a Derbyshire theme by professional and amateur artists of all ages have been selected for display by a panel of independent judges. The overall winning artwork amongst the fabulous variety of pieces is usually acquired for the museum collections.
Buxton Museum and Art Gallery (07): 8-10 Jul 9:30am to 5:30pm, 11 Jul 9:30am to 5pm, 12 Jul 10:30am to 5pm, 14-17 Jul 9:30am to 5:30pm, 18 Jul 9:30am to 5pm, 19 Jul 10:30am to 5pm, 21-24 Jul 9:30am to 5:30pm, 25 Jul 9:30am to 5pm, 26 Jul 10:30am to 5pm Free Review

DERBYSHIRE STONE - High Peak Artists Family Friendly
So what exactly is Derbyshire Stone? Limestone, gritstone, stepping stones, standing stones, gargoyles, gravestones, Blue John, buildings, millstones, marble, caves, caverns, walls and walkways... It's all around us. It's part of who we are. 40 artists and makers exhibit work on the theme in this eclectic exhibition.
Pavilion Gardens - The Art Cafe (33f): 8-26 Jul 9:30am to 4:30pm Free Review
Further information: 07849 673 058 and @HighPeakArtists

FRAGILE DREAMS IN SOLID STONE - The Green Man Gallery Family Friendly
Paintings, drawings, photography, print-making and mixed media by the artist members of The Green Man Gallery, inspired by the history of their current premises, Hardwick Hall. Since 1896, the building has served as a hotel, an army hospital, a snooker hall, a college and the home of Buxton's British Legion.
Green Man Gallery (86): 8 Jul 10:30am to 9pm, 9-23 Jul 10:30am to 5:30pm, 24 Jul 10:30am to 8pm, 25-26 Jul 10:30am to 5:30pm Free Review
Further information: 01298 937 375

THE GREAT DOME ART FAIR - Peak District Artisans Family Friendly
This prestigious annual award-winning event gathers over 60 members under one roof in a visually-stunning show of outstanding quality and variety. A programme of free talks and demonstrations runs through the weekend. Live music, cafe, Artists' Originals Raffle, Silent Art Auction in aid of charity. Preview night Friday July 17th.
University of Derby Buxton - Dome (04c): 18-19 Jul 10am to 4:30pm Free Review

GRINLOW ART AND STORYTELLING TRAIL 2015 - Grinlow Makers and Creators Family Friendly
Following last year's award-winning trail, enjoy another magical woodland weekend discovering art installations, taking part in workshops and listening to stories from some inspiring storytellers, among them our local well-loved Creeping Toad! Watch out for details of a special surprise event in the Cavern car park...
Grinlow Woods - at Poole's Cavern (94): 18 Jul 10am to 6pm, 19 Jul 10am to 4pm Free Review

credit: Brian Adams

THE HIGH LINES - Brian Adams Family Friendly
It can be argued that we treat land as a utility to provide food, minerals and leisure, yet it still retains the sense of being 'natural'. With his photographs of the Monsal and High Peak Trails, Brian aims to make us more aware of our ambiguous relationship with the land.
Buxton Museum and Art Gallery (07): 8-10 Jul 9:30am to 5:30pm, 11 Jul 9:30am to 5pm, 12 Jul 10:30am to 5pm, 14-17 Jul 9:30am to 5:30pm, 18 Jul 9:30am to 5pm, 19 Jul 10:30am to 5pm, 21-24 Jul 9:30am to 5:30pm, 25 Jul 9:30am to 5pm, 26 Jul 10:30am to 5pm Free Review

One of many flowers....

Project eARTh's installation of ceramic flowers, Making Your Garden Grow, in the Pavilion Gardens Conservatory. Created by Project eARTh participants, and children from Artbox ArtClub and Buxton Infants School, working with artist Caroline Chouler-Tissier. There will be a celebration/unveiling event on July 9th, followed by exhibition during the Fringe.
Pavilion Gardens - Conservatory (33j): 9 Jul 11am to 12:30pm, 10-26 Jul 9:30am to 5pm Free Review
Further information: or 01663 744 516

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 Other Events

credit: Ian J Parkes

FRINGE 2015 AWARDS - Buxton Festival Fringe Family Friendly
Join us at The Old Clubhouse - yards from the Fringe Desk - at the event which does its best to recognise and celebrate the most creative and enjoyable shows on the Fringe. Mingle and drink with performers from 1.30pm and settle down for the tension and joy at 2pm!
Old Clubhouse (21): 26 Jul 1:30pm to 3pm Free, Open to entrants, Fringe Friends and by invitation

FRINGE LAUNCH PARTY - Underground Venues Family Friendly
Join us for a very special celebration on the eve of the 2015 Fringe: the tenth Fringe Launch Party at Underground Venues! Catch preview performances from across the Fringe, mingle with the stars and help us toast the last ten years, in the biggest and best launch yet.
Underground Venues (10): 7 Jul 8pm to midnight - Free
Further information: Bookings (noon-3pm) & info: 02081 440 070. Other prices/discounts available.

Situated in the heart of the shopping centre. Exchange one of your old books for any of those donated to the exchange. Bring along any books you have finished with and pick up another, plus why not stop and read them inside the exchange and discuss books with other visitors?
The Springs Shopping Centre (38b): 11-18 Jul 9:30am to 5pm Free Review

Reminiscence Vintage Cafe, Swap Cake for Memories

Bring your cine films, photos, memories of everyday life in Buxton to our Reminiscence Vintage Cafe. Let us digitise your films for free, to make a movie of Buxton. Keep your originals, gain free digital copy for footage used. Join us for tea, coffee, cake and reminisce about your Buxton.
United Reformed Church - Green Room: Hall (55b): 14 Jul 1pm to 3:30pm Free Review

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