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Fringe performers at the Carnival

Plan Your Publicity Campaign!! There's a lot of competition out there.

The Fringe prints thousands of copies of the full Programme of Events which are distributed widely on a local and regional level and to our Friends' and Press mailing lists. The printed programme comes out in early June but as soon as your entry is submitted it is published on our website and on the Fringe App - you may wish to cite these information sources in your own publicity. 

The Fringe Information Desk, which is next to the Opera House in the Conservatory Foyer, is open daily between 10 am and 7pm during the Fringe and needs posters and flyers for each event. Send these before the Festival to the Fringe Chair Stephen Walker at Flat 2, Kirkella, 2 Robertson Rd, Buxton SK17 9DY or deliver by hand to the desk during the Fringe or the day before we start. These posters will be displayed at the desk and on at least one town centre display including at The Springs shopping centre. About 50 flyers and 8 posters are enough for this but you may wish to print more for putting up in shops, cafes, pubs and elsewhere in the town. Note, the wider distribution of material for individual events is the responsibility of participants. The council does not tolerate any fly posting and is particularly sensitive about street furniture and road junctions. At the Fringe desk, do not put posters up yourself - let the desk managers do this. The front doors have to remain unadorned because of health and safety issues.

Please make it clear on all publicity that the event is part of the Buxton Festival Fringe - use the Fringe logo if you can. It can be downloaded using this link or emailed on request. As of 2019 we have very slightly tweaked our logo and now offer it with white border or with black border and in jpg and eps formats.

Social media is a low-cost medium for publicity with a low environmental impact. Please consider using the various channels in your own publicity and remember to copy the Fringe's own social media accounts into your publicity as we can also promote your shows.

The Fringe is also promoted generally through the local and regional Media. You too need to approach them yourselves with photos and press releases. (A regularly updated media list is supplied with confirmation of entry. It is not exhaustive. In particular, do contact the local press from where you are from, for example The Macclesfield Express does not generally cover Buxton but would do if there was a local angle for them). Local Radio Stations may be willing to broadcast good quality recordings and are keen to interview you, especially if you can go into their studios. Please include a named contact. For advice, see How to write a Press Release.

Please upload photographs as part of the online entry procedure. If you would like further advice on publicity contact the Press Officer, who would also be happy to receive your press releases for her information.

Fringe Programme Party. This event is run by Buxton Fringe and usually features five to ten minute extracts from performers' shows. Contact the Fringe chair via our Contacts page for further information.

Fringe Launch Party. This event is run by Underground Venues but acts from other venues are also welcome. Traditionally, it includes five to ten minute extracts from shows as well as live music and sometimes party games! It is a chance for Fringe goers to socialise as well as being a useful place for entrants to publicise their events. It is usually held on the eve of the first night of the Fringe but dates can vary. Contact for further information.

Fringe Sunday, Carnival, Fringe at Five and Street publicity are worth the effort. Contact the programme co-ordinator for Fringe Sunday and Fringe at Five and the Marketing Officer for more info on how to be involved with the Fringe's carnival float. In general, be prepared to meet the public in costume if possible with handbills at the ready. Impromptu street theatre works too. Suitable sites and contacts are included in the list of venues. 

Reviews are posted on the website daily during the Fringe. We aim to post them by midday following the first performance. Participants are welcome to use extracts or the whole review for on-going publicity. In order to get a review, we require you to admit one reviewer on your first night (free of charge). While we make every effort to review every show we cannot unfortunately guarantee this. Please also be receptive to the idea of providing a ticket for other reviewers in town such as Fringe Guru.

Bunting and Balloons: These may be available in limited quantities and especially for venues that need an extra boost of publicity. Please contact the Fringe Desk on arrival.

Fringe Audience Survey boxes and forms: The venues team aims to provide major venues with these. If you haven't received any and would like some please contact Venues via our contact form on the website.

See also How to Grow Your Audience.