Our Ethical and Environmental Policy

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We firmly believe that arts are for all. This applies to both our artists and audiences. We encourage performers and audience members of all abilities and backgrounds to get involved. We run a successful Community Links programme which gives performers the chance to run workshops and perform for schools, care homes and other community groups.

Social sustainability is important to us. During the Fringe we help our volunteers, including school students, to develop their skills and promote Fringe values. We actively seek new committee members to ensure our work continues into the future. We engage with local communities – businesses, volunteers, charities, churches and so on – so as to harness local energy and maximise efficiency of effort and resources. We are also pleased that several initiatives that started in the nurturing environment of the Fringe have since become more permanent, for example the town’s thriving comedy club, Buxton Buzz.

The Fringe works hard to reduce the impact of the festival on the environment. We encourage audiences to make use of our comprehensive listings on the website and do not print more paper programmes than we need. Our programmes are printed on 100% recycled FSC paper every year. We recycle and reuse where we can – banners etc are used year after year and are replaced only when they are beyond credible use. This is partly a matter of financial prudence but it also reflects our attempts to reduce waste. At the Fringe Desk we recycle all unneeded paper and plastic and try to ensure the safe disposal of balloons. We do not release them en masse or use helium. We often recycle in creative ways – for example by making bunting out of old flyers and carnival float decorations from materials that would otherwise be thrown away. 

We are supporting the work of the not-for-profit organisation Positive Impact for the 2017 United Nations International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development; our Marketing Officer has become a Positive Impact Ambassador. Positive Impact provides education to make the event industry more sustainable.

We encourage venues and performers to consider the environment.  Our local volunteers work in ways that have a limited carbon footprint. We do not have an office (apart from the Fringe desk during the Fringe itself), we don’t drive much – in transacting Fringe business – and we try to support local businesses so as to reduce transport costs.

We are always looking for innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint, so please get in touch with your ideas!