Street Theatre Reviews


I love the Shakespeare Jukebox. They bring joy to the Fringe every year, make Shakespeare accessible and show how entertaining it can be. I am sure that the Bard would heartily approve.

In case you are a newby to the Shakespeare Jukebox , this is how it works. The performers have a board describing popular scenes from Shakespeare's plays and, for a small charitable donation, the performers will act any scene requested by a member of the audience. The performers managed to fit in a dozen different scenes during the hour last night.

This year they are performing on their new location on the promenade in the Pavilion Gardens by the railings next to the botanical conservatory. But don't worry nothing else has changed. They still have their comedy props and encourage audience participation. You can join Macbeth's witches around the cauldron or become the moon during the "Wall" scene from a Midsummer Night's Dream. I was given the honour of creating thunder during the Tempest using a dustbin lid.

You need to take your granny and your kids and their early evening performances will put a smile on everbody's face.

Alex Watts