Fringe Reviews Policy

1. The Fringe has a long and respected tradition of producing reviews as a service to both audiences and entrants, who frequently use extracts for their publicity. The reviews are put on the website, on the Fringe App and on a board at the Fringe Information Desk, usually the day after the first performance.

2. Reviews are intended to be positive in tone where possible but may contain constructive criticism.

3. We expect entrants to set aside a complimentary reviewer's ticket (unless they have chosen to opt out of the reviewing process).

4. The Fringe is proud of its high-calibre team and actively seeks out reviewers with specific knowledge and expertise regarding the different art forms. However it is not always possible to find the 'ideal' reviewer for a show.

5. As reviews are carried out by a team of volunteers organised by the Fringe, they may vary in style and length.

6. The Fringe makes every effort to review all shows (bar ones that have opted out). However unforeseen circumstances can sometimes result in a show going without a review for which we apologise.

7. Fringe reviewers are asked to make allowances for a company's age or inexperience. However, the fact that a performance has children in it, for example, does not make it immune to all criticism.

8. Entrants may opt out of having a review but please be aware that reviewing is an important tool for us in the Awards process where we seek to recognise excellence.

9. The opinions voiced by Fringe reviewers are theirs alone and not necessarily the views of the Fringe committee.

10. During the Fringe, shows may be visited by other reviewers from newspapers or websites. The Fringe Committee will not seek to set up such reviews, but will pass on any requests to the individual company or managed venue. It is up to the show or managed venue to decide whether or not to provide free tickets for these reviewers but be aware of the great value that such publicity can have for performers. Where possible the Fringe will try to make all entrants aware in advance of reviewers whom it knows will be covering the Fringe.

11. The Fringe will only publish on the website and on boards one 'official' Fringe review but also strives to offer a platform for audience members and the public to express their views on shows via Facebook, Twitter, the Fringe website and a comments book in the Information Desk amongst other forums. The Fringe website will also offer links to other reviews published elsewhere if they are brought to our attention.

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